MVI Taps Telestream to Post White House Concert

MVI Post, a Washington, D.C.-based production house used Telestream products to post the concert, "In Performance at the White House: A Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement," Feb. 11.

The company had an extremely tight turnaround to post the concert for TV and Web audiences, using Telestream’s Pipeline video capture system and Episode Encoder.

“Pipeline solved our problem of how to digitize four HDCAM tapes simultaneously into our server,” said Craig Maniglia, owner of MVI Post, who was working under a tight 18-hour deadline. “We needed a quick and efficient way to import and export HDCam tapes into our server while utilizing all of our decks simultaneously. After considerable searching, we discovered Telestream’s Pipeline product, and the problem was immediately solved.”

Two Pipeline HD Dual video capture systems were used to simultaneously ingest 16 hours of content in four hours from four high-definition camera sources, without tying up Avid workstations. Pipeline encoded the sources to DNxHD in native Avid MXF files for use directly in post production. This enabled MVI Post to quickly edit and mix the video while the concert was still taking place. In a separate bay, Episode Encoder Pro provided fast transcoding of concert highlights into H.264 video and AAC audio formats for PBS Web sites.

“MVI Post presented the perfect challenge for Pipeline, with its need to simultaneously capture multiple channels of video for quick turnaround editing,” said Barbara DeHart, VP of marketing at Telestream. “Pipeline and Episode Encoder are ideally suited for fast-paced production environments requiring high-quality video ingest and reformatting for multiplatform delivery.”