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MPEGIF Master Class to explore ‘new world’ of digital television

From content creation and distribution to monetization, the digital television transition is having profound effects on all segments of the industry.

This year, the MPEG Industry Forum (MPEGIF) and the Open IPTV Forum will jointly tackle the ramifications of this all-encompassing change during a full-day MPEGIF Master Class called “The New World of Digital Television” during the NAB Show, Sunday, April 19, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Room S228.

The MPEGIF Master Class will take on a broad range of technology, business and regulatory issues as they relate to the analog-to-digital television transition. In addition, the Open IPTV Forum will provide insights into how standards for end-to-end IPTV ecosystems can benefit operators and their business models.

Four sessions will be presented, including:

  • The World in Transition
  • New Technologies for New Services
  • Revenue Generation vs. Regulation in the New Digital World
  • The Standards Based Ecosystems

Master Class keynote speakers will include Robert Clasen, chairman and CEO of Starz; Oleg Kolesnikov, technical director of NTV+; Roderick Snell, founder of Snell & Wilcox; Bob Luff, CTO of Nielsen; Kay Johansson, CTO of MobiTV; Shelly Palmer, managing director of Advanced Media Ventures Group; and Yun Chao Hu, chairman of the Open IPTV Forum.