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MPEG Industry Forum, Open IPTV Forum to host masterclass

The MPEG Industry Forum (MPEGIF) and the Open IPTV Forum will present a masterclass Thursday, Sept. 11, on the transition to a new TV experience during IBC2008.

The masterclass will examine changing business models, including the emergence of target advertising based on the profile of viewers and households, and how these developments are transforming the creation, delivery and monetization of digital television.

Among the hot topics to be discussed are the power of IP in building a new content delivery infrastructure and the arrival of HD along with advanced compression technology, such as MPEG-4 AVC/H.264.

Speakers will include: Igor Shchegolev, minister of communications and mass media, Russian Federation; Mikhail Seslavinsky, head of the federal agency for press and mass media, Russian Federation; Eduard Sagalaev, president of the national association of television and radio broadcasters of Russia; Yury Pripachkin, president of the Russian association of cable television; Gerassim Gadiyan, president of the association for HDTV and digital cinema; Roderick Snell, founder, Snell & Wilcox; Thomas Staneker, executive VP, T-Com Innovation; and Gary Schultz, president of MRG.

Sebastian Moeritz, president of the MPEGIF and CEO of Dicas, and David Price, VP of the MPEGIF and VP of Harmonic, will co-chair the masterclass.

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