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Motion Picture Academy Releases iPad Color Predictor App

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF.—The organization behind the Oscars has released its first technology app for the general public. The Science and Technology Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has released the Academy Color Predictor for the iPad, available now in iTunes. The free app runs on iOS 7.

Created by the Sci-Tech Council’s Solid State Lighting Project Committee, the app helps filmmakers predict the interaction of the key ingredients in cinematography: Lights, camera, filters and the photographed objects themselves. Users can change key source light, image sensor and filter parameters to instantly visualize color rendering differences and compare different combinations of elements.

“This app emerged from our conversations with cinematographers, production designers, costume designers and set decorators who were struggling to predict color reproduction when switching from traditional incandescent light sources to solid state lighting,” said Andy Maltz, managing director of the Academy’s Science and Technology Council. “After a successful beta test, we’re now offering this app free, for general consumption, so that all types of content creators, researchers and students can benefit from our research.”