Montgomery, Ala. Stations Launch Clickable TV

BCM (formerly known as BackChannelMedia) has announced the launch of Clickable TV in Montgomery, Ala. WSFA 12 News and WCOV Fox 20 along with their NBC and Fox affiliations are participating in the launch to Knology digital HD cable subscribers in the Montgomery area. BCM, Knology, WSFA and WCOV will collaborate to promote and introduce the service during the first quarter of 2011.

“BCM is thrilled to be working with WSFA, WCOV and Knology to provide TV viewers with this new interactive experience,” said Daniel Hassan, Chairman and CEO of BCM. “In 2011, BCM will roll out a series of fresh and innovative products such as Clickable TV, which connects viewers directly with the programming, brands and advertisers that they are interested in, according to their own preferences. We are looking forward to launching these new products nationwide.”

When a viewer sees a Clickable Moment icon appear on their television screen, indicating the content is “clickable”, they can use the “Select” button on their remote to forward or “bookmark” the content from TV to their preferred e-mail and a personal Web page. The viewer is automatically sent a customized link connecting them directly to the specific website and information they have requested from television without ever interrupting their viewing experience. Clickable TV is free of charge to viewers, requires no additional product installation and uses the existing remote control in viewer homes.

Clickable TV is an Enhanced Television Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) application that offers cable operators new revenue potential from TV content and advertising sources that include local ad sales, cable networks and local broadcasters.

WSFA, owned by Raycom Media, will participate in the product’s launch starting this month, enabling portions of their local programming and advertisements to be interactive—or “clickable”. “Clickable TV provides our viewers with a new, creative way to interact with our programming and commercials,” said Ken Selvaggi, General Manager of WSFA. “For Montgomery advertisers, we are introducing a two-way method of communication for the first time, and all it takes is a single click.”

WCOV Fox 20, independently owned and operated, will introduce interactivity in their ads and programming to their viewers. "Clickable TV will allow Knology digital subscribers to request and obtain additional information on a products and services broadcasted on WCOV," according to David Woods, President of WCOV. "We are pleased to be on the leading edge of this new technology."

“Knology is pleased to work with BCM, WSFA and WCOV to be able to bring this new, advanced interactive TV application to our viewers in the Montgomery community,” said Knology Vice President of Marketing, Tony Palermo.