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Mobile TV Group Equips NBA Trucks with PESA HD Router Upgrades

Mobile TV Group has upgraded two of its mobile production trucks--each of which covers different NBA basketball teams--with PESA Switching System's 64x64 CheetahT HD routers as part of an overall HD upgrade. (The Cheetahs replace PESA's 64x64 JaguarT SD routers.) By the way, a scorecard of name changes might be helpful here. Mobile TV Group formerly was Mountain Mobile, which was formerly Lone Star Mobile, which was formerly Western Mobile. Two of its trucks, formerly the 6DX, have also received a new-name upgrade (to incorporate the mighty "H" as in HD) to 6HDX. Likewise, its 5DX truck is now the 5HDX.

The 6HDX mobile facility primarily serves the Western United States., although it ventures far enough east to cover Denver Nuggets home games. The 5HDX truck (once part of Lone Star Mobile) is used for Dallas Mavericks home games, as well as for other remotes mostly in the West. We're told that Cheetah takes up only about seven RUs for a 64x64 configuration, in an environment where space (or the lack, thereof) is always of top concern. Cheetah is the flagship router system for PESA, which operates out of Huntsville, Ala., and Melville, N.Y. Cheetah is also available in 128x128, 256x256, and 512x512 frame sizes--and can handle bit rates ranging from 3 MB-1.5 GB.