Mobile TV company Rogue Paper to be acquired by EarthSearch

EarthSearch Communications has announced, via parent company East Coast Diversified Corporation, that is has executed a term sheet agreement for the acquisition of mobile development company Rogue Paper, which is based out of California. Rogue Paper represents a unique form of branding for mobile. The company has focused on integrated mobile experiences that stretch through mobile TV, Web synergy and beyond. Through savvy marketing and entertaining gaming mechanics to provide traction and engagement, the company focuses on hitting all the bases. It’s a good fit for EarthSearch, which wants to get a jump on this key demographic marketing.

Rogue Paper worked with VH1 to launch VH1 Co-Star, a mobile app designed to let viewers tweet and interact with other fans during show times. The concept of following along with a broadcast is gaining more and more acceptance, as younger demographics are glued to several screens at any one time. The company likes to compare it to a DVR, but for social commentary. Available on the iPhone and iPad, the app uses the built-in GPS to figure out what shows are airing in your time zone. Your commentary can be posted to the app and also pushed out to Facebook and Twitter. While many companies are focused on getting shows on via mobile distribution, Rogue Paper works with established brands to bring more fans into the fold via traditional social media chats and postings on mobile devices.

Upon acquisition, EarthSearch Communications would have the power of Rogue’s TV Tune-In applications to complement the company’s GPS hardware solutions and enterprise initiatives. A final definitive agreement between both parties is expected within the next 30 days.