Parks Associates: Mobile Garners Biggest Share of Viewing Time Among Gen Z

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ADDISON, Texas—When it comes to viewing online content, the TV is still the preferred tool to do so. However, a shift could be coming as Generation Z tends to spend a greater share of their time watching content on a mobile device.

Based on a new study by Parks Associates, the idea of what people prefer to watch online video content on and the amount of time they are actually spending does not necessarily equate. About 80% of heads of U.S. broadband households say that a connected TV is their primary viewing source, while only 15% say that mobile is their preferred option (third behind PCs). However, among all respondents, mobile made up a 23% share of online video viewing; TV was at 50%.

Those numbers differ among generations. With Gen Z, Parks Associates found that a 41% share of their viewing time is spent on mobile. Connected TV (26%) actually comes in third, trailing PCs (33%) as well.

“High preference for mobile devices among members of Generation Z strongly suggests use of mobile devices will continue to grow as this generation ages into adulthood,” Parks Associates said.

More than half of all consumers view video on a mobile device in some form or fashion, according to Parks Associates. However, most of it is social video viewing (34%); VOD viewing makes up 25% and live TV viewing just 11%.

Using multiple devices to view content is likely moving forward, Parks Associates projects. It found that for those whose primary device is a smartphone or tablet, only 11% view exclusively on that platform. Even when TV is the primary option, only 28% of people viewed content exclusively on a TV.

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