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Miller introduces Arrow 30 pan/tilt head

Based on the higher capacity Arrow ENG fluid head, Miller’s new Arrow 30 is a fully featured 100mm ball leveling head for 10- to 30-pound ENG camcorders.

The Arrow 30 supports the new breed of lighter ENG camcorders and Mini DVCAM cameras from PD-170 and DVX-100 through DSR-570 and Sony’s new XDCAM PVW-530 with Lithium batteries and ENG servo lens.

The Arrow 30 features 7+7 selectable pan/tilt drag (plus ‘0’) to suit operators demanding both ultra light whip pan and heavy-duty drag resistance. Selectable 4-position tilt counterbalance and 70mm sliding camera platform lets users balance any camera/lens load.

Positive calliper tilt and pan locks guarantee secure lock-off in any tilt or pan position, and the adjustable telescopic pan handle ensures smooth flowing action, with the option to attach lens or camera remote controls.

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