Microwave Radio Communications releases STRATA, a modular ENG microwave solution

Microwave Radio Communications recently released STRATA, a modular approach to microwave transmission from the field that’s ideal for ENG, mobile and airborne applications.

The Strata is a digital COFDM microwave that is comprised of three units. (Pictured: The Strata 3)

STRATA offers versatility that’s easily adaptable to frequently encountered situations, including simplex, duplex and multi-hop links.

STRATA transmitters and receivers are configurable for analog, digital or switchable analog/digital service. Additionally, units can be swapped between ENG, mobile, airborne or fixed applications so they can be used where they’re most needed.

The system, which includes the TXU transmitter unit, TCU control unit and HPU high power unit, can save several system configurations, which is helpful for setting either analog or digital configurations, frequency, channel offset, and modulation schemes.

For more information visit www.mrcbroadcast.com.

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