Microsoft announces new cable TV initiative

Microsoft has submitted an initial draft of common language infrastructure (CLI) specifications for the OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP), the cable industry’s software standard for deploying interactive services to CableLabs.

OCAP is part of the OpenCable initiative, which is managed by CableLabs, the cable television industry’s non-profit research and development consortium. To date, CableLabs has issued OCAP versions 1.0 and 2.0. Microsoft and CableLabs have agreed to work together to explore the potential of adding Microsoft.NET CLI to OCAP.

Microsoft said the proposed addition of .NET would expand the common runtime platform among a variety of computing devices including set-top boxes and personal computers, making home entertainment networking simpler and more compelling to the consumer and creating expanded opportunities for cable operators.

Microsoft also announced that its TV Foundation Edition 1.7, the latest update of its digital cable software platform, is one of the first to support the Motorola DCT6412 set-top with integrated dual-tuner digital video recording (DVR) and high definition functionality.

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