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Micronas launches DTV demodulators for U.S. HDTVs

Micronas’ new chips can be implemented into a wide variety of digital TVs, set-top boxes, multimedia-PCs, DVD recorders, PVRs and tuner modules.

Micronas, a German supplier of application-specific ICs for consumer electronics, has announced the availability of its DRX-H family of multi-standard 8-VSB/QAM/QPSK/NTSC demodulator products. These chips target applications in digital TVs, set-top boxes, multimedia PCs, DVD recorders, PVRs and tuner modules.

The DRX-H circuits offer reliable DTV reception, including resistance to ghosts created by multipath signal reflections. As opposed to filtering echoes out, Micronas’ primeD technology combines multiple echoes to create a single, stronger signal, resulting in enhanced overall reception quality.

Devices employing DRX-H are able to cope with difficult terrestrial reception situations and provide measurable improvements to the overall DTV experience of consumers.

The DRX-H integrates an ATSC A/53-compliant 8-VSB demodulator with an ITU-T J.83 Annex B-compliant QAM demodulator, an NTSC demodulator, and a BTSC decoder, as well as an Out of Band (OOB) QPSK demodulator and OOB Local Oscillator for integration into digital cable ready television sets.

Samples are now available, with mass production planned for Q3 of 2005.

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