Mega TV selects Florical automation for terrestrial and DTH playout

Mega TV recently selected Florical’s on-air automation system for its Spanish language channels, WSBS in Miami and DIRECTV domestic and in Puerto Rico.

A large portion of the programming for the main WSBS channel is live and replayed to the two satellite channels. Florical’s NewsRepeater option automatically records WSBS live programs while collecting metadata and segment timing information for quick turnaround playback to the DIRECTV channels. The segmented program material allows for separate commercial breaks targeted for each specific market.

Mega TV uses the Florical WideOrbit BXF Live Log interface. The two-way communication gives immediate notification to the traffic department when a spot does not air as scheduled. This allows traffic to insert a new spot within the contractual window, rather than the next day, thereby potentially eliminating make-good penalties.

The new system will include Florical’s System Management and Reporting Tool (S.M.A.R.T.) Central, which uses Microsoft’s Smart Client technology and Web services to automate the traffic interface. Missing material lists, urgent request lists and other reports are automatically e-mailed directly to key personnel.

For more information, visit and www.Mega.TV.