Maxon Re-Launches ‘Cineversity’ Training Website

Maxon Computer’s U.S. subsidiary has announced the re-launching of its “Cineversity” on-line training resource for Cinema 4D users. It’s designed to provide digital artists and educators with information for sharpening 3D skill sets. The original “Cineversity” website was established in 2006 with some 100 tutorial presentations and has now grown to more than 2,000 tutorials and other learning materials and resources created by leading 3D artists.

“We're very excited about the artist-friendly changes to Cineversity that will not only let users quickly search and filter results, but also customize their Cinema 4D training with the creation of playlists,” said Paul Babb, President and CEO of Maxon US. “We are committed to the Cinema 4D community to provide educational material that will increase the artist's proficiency and productivity.”

The redesigned website provides users with enhanced searching and filtering capabilities, the ability to create customized playlists, a new dashboard user interface, student management tools for teachers, and more.

“The enhancements to Cineversity make it even more valuable for Cinema 4D users looking for a serious training resource,” said Dirk Beichert, marketing director at Maxon’s German headquarters. “We expect many customers will make use of the video tutorials offered by our U.S. office to enhance their skills and produce higher quality artwork.”

Maxon Computer is based in Friedrichsdorf, Germany and is a developer of 3D modeling, animation, painting, and rendering software, including Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D.