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MaxLinear Tuner Sees UMPC and STB Applications

MaxLinear, a Carlsbad, Calif.-based fables IC company, announced their tuner was being used in Hauppauge's embedded PCTV solution for ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs) and netbooks. MaxLinear said this was the first receiver designed for UMPC and netbooks. The receiver uses MaxLinear's MxL5007T third-generation multi-standard digital CMOS tuner. I was not able to determine what demodulator was being used for ATSC reception. The MxL5007T supports every major cable and terrestrial digital and analog TV format and meets the guidelines of the ATSC A/74 Recommended Practice.

“With the MxL5007, manufacturers can now move to a lower cost, lower power silicon solution without sacrificing any of the performance benefits associated with traditional can tuners. MaxLinear’s CMOS radio IC technology is well proven in PC TV, mobile TV, and DVB-T STB markets using our older generation 5003/5005 tuner ICs,” said MaxLinear's CEO Kishore Seendripu. “The MxL5007 utilizes an enhancement to this proven CMOS radio technology to address multiple TV standards and applications.

EchoStar Technologies selected the Entropic Communications RF4400 ATSC silicon tuner for the off-air HDTV modules for its models 222K and 722K set-top boxes. I was not able to find any information the RF4400 on the Entropic Communications web site, but another Entropic tuner does meet the ATSC A/74 Recommended Practice for tuner performance.