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Maryland Public Television Taps Autoscript for Prompters

MPT's Senior Prompter Operator, Tracy Gaspari, using Autoscript’s WinPlus Xlite system and USB Scroll Control rotary desktop controller Maryland Public Television (MPT) has updated its teleprompter system with Autoscript’s new WinPlus Xlite software.

MPT, which provides informational, educational, cultural and children’s programming to Maryland, is one of the first broadcast stations to employ the software since its introduction in early 2010, according to Autoscript.

For over 40 years MPT’s six transmitters have served Maryland and the surrounding region with original and PBS programs. MPT produces programs for the state, region and the nation including Direct Connection, Outdoors Maryland, Eatin’ Crabs, Chesapeake Wine Country, Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen and MotorWeek. Those series and specials on arts and culture, news and public affairs, which often include talent introductions, video narration or scripted programs, were greatly in need of a reliable prompter system.

MPT not only needed a solution for the varying setups of each of its productions, it also needed a system that addresses the needs of a variety of staff operating the equipment. “Since we purchased Autoscript's WinPlus Xlite software it has been fantastic,” says George Beneman, MPT’s vice president of technology.

“All of our users, from experienced prompter operators to interns with little or no experience, love working with the easy-to-use software,” said Beneman, who added, “We have close to a dozen operators using the software, and each has been able to customize the setup to their desired comfort level. Our employees ask why we didn’t buy it sooner.”

With over 10,000 WinPlus systems in daily operation around the world, WinPlus is one of the most widely used prompting applications, Autoscript said. The newer version, WinPlus Xlite, is an entry-level version of the WinPlus product. A Windows-based software designed to be used with teleprompting products, WinPlus Xlite provides users with the ability to control the “run order” and edit anywhere within the script, even when scrolling the “on-air story,” leaving the prompt output unaffected.