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Martin Lawyer Mum on White Space

FCC action on white space policy could mean billions for the companies that develop viable technologies. Following FCC tests, much of the technical world is waiting for a signal from the FCC Office of Engineering and Technology that could provide guidance to the commission as it develops white space rules.

But when asked Sept. 22 at a panel during the Association for Maximum Service Television fall conference whether the FCC might provide direction this fall, Michelle Carey, senior legal advisor to Chairman Kevin Martin, punted.

"Can I take a pass on that one?" she said, adding that she only wanted to speak about DTV on the panel.

The other panelists—lawyers for the other four commissioners—offered lawyerly and noncommittal answers on white space, recognizing the need to protect incumbent users from interference, and saying they wanted science and engineering to drive the process.

The moderator asked Carey again for a hint even about the timing of the OET report, and again she declined.

Tuesday, following a hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee, Martin said the FCC may issue a decision by the end of the year.