Marketing is key to IPTV subscriber growth in economic downturn, says analyst

Jeff Heynen, Infonetics Research directing analyst, broadband and video, says effective marketing of bundled services can woo subscribers away from cable and satellite, even during overall economic decline

Telco TV operators are sure to face their share of economic challenges in 2009 due to the ongoing economic unraveling. However, things might not be as bad for the IPTV industry as they could be for economy in general.

In fact, there are a few bright spots on the horizon, says Infonetics Research directing analyst Jeff Heynen. Heynen, who authored the research company’s second quarter assessment of the IPTV and switched digital video equipment markets and is nearing completion of the company’s Q3 report, says history shows the general public does not forsake entertainment spending in an economic downturn.

For some operators, he adds, the current economic decline could present an opportunity to win additional customers away from satellite and cable competitors if the price is right.

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