Man Builds TV Antennas From Coat Hangers

CBS affiliate KFMB-TV in San Diego, Calif. ran another story on home-built antennas for DTV reception. The KFMB story highlights Escondido, Calif. resident Jim Lipka's efforts to build HDTV antennas from coat hangers to give to African refugees at his church.

The story says that “believe it or not, they actually work.”

Lipka said his homemade antennas actually work better than the store-bought ones. At the suggestion of his wife, the latest design includes a picture frame to improve its appearance.

In the event you are interested in building your own coat hanger antenna, Lipka warns coat hangers can be dangerous, however.

"I got hit with an antenna and had to get a tetanus shot, so we know that building these can be hazardous," he said.