Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 2005 adds audio noise cleaning to music burner

Magix's Audio Cleaning Lab 2005

Magix's Audio Cleaning Lab 2005 combines audio restoration and CD burning software. Audio can be taken from LPs and cassettes, downloaded MP3 music and soundtracks from VHS tapes.

The software will digitally remove unwanted noise, enhance fidelity and clarity, and can add special effects such as 3-D sound.

The audio restoration software can remove hisses, clicks and scratches from old recordings and home videos, and can be used for audio restoration, sound optimization, digital re-mastering, and CD and DVD burning.

The software includes presets for correcting problems, such as clicking sounds on scratched vinyl LPs or the tape noise heard in cassettes. Presets can be customized, macroed and saved for batch-processing future projects; a manual draw mode can be used for detailed removal of individual scratches.

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