Lyon Video Updates Truck with Calrec, for Display at NAB

Lyon Video recently acquired a new 64-fader Artemis console from Calrec Audio for use in their newest outside broadcast truck, to be on display at this year’s NAB Show.

The mobile production company will be displaying the truck, named Lyon-12, at the Gehring & Associates booth, #OE300. The console is powered by Bluefin 2, Calrec’s proprietary, high-density signal processor, and running on an integrated Hydra2 network.

The Artemis also features touch screens, OLED displays and light-emitting knobs reported to provide superior flexibility and instant visual feedback.

"The way we see it, the core of the truck is really the audio console," stated Chad Snyder, Lyon Video account manager, in a press release. "It's the anchor that helps us earn long-term commitments from top-tier clients like ESPN, Fox Sports, and Speed.”

Lyon Video has been a long-term purchaser of Calrec gear, adding a new console to its fleet in each of the last eight years.