Lyon Video chooses QuStream routers for new HD truck

Lyon Video, in Columbus, OH, has purchased QuStream routers and signal processing gear for its latest HD broadcast production truck. This new 53ft mobile broadcast facility will feature the Cheetah 288x576 router and the UDC up/down/crossconverter.

The new HD truck, which will be used for live sports and entertainment productions, incorporates QuStream’s internal fiber I/O cards to tie two video frames together via fiber lines. This helps reduce weight caused by smaller frame sizes and less coax cabling.

The Cheetah 288x576 provides a large number of outputs to handle large monitor walls for broadcast and mobile applications, or applications that feed a large number of devices concurrently, in an 18RU configuration. The Cheetah routers use standard-size BNC connectors, internal redundant power, redundant frame and system controllers, and have the ability to mix copper, fiber and CWDM fiber all in the same frame.

QuStream’s Integrity Series 600 Distribution/Signal Processing Frame features Fortel Inside technology that targets signal conversion, audio embedding and video processing or distribution applications. QuStream’s UDC-550 Series up/down/crossconverter provides SDI and NTSC outputs with built-in legalizer, color corrector and optional audio synchronization and processing. A built-in processing amplifier allows adjustment of signal parameters with controls for video, chroma, setup and hue. Incorporating a signal converter, synchronizer, side pillar keyer, legalizer and a 16-channel audio processor on a single board saves on both space and cost.

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