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TV-Viewing Public to Government: Let Us Choose

Most parents would rather exercise their personal choices rather than have the government censor TV content, according a recent study by a new coalition, TV Watch.

According to the poll, 86 percent of respondents said that more parents' involvement is needed to keep children from viewing inappropriate material. Eleven percent said that more government enforcement is needed to control network programming. The poll surveyed 1,000 registered voters who watch at least 30 minutes of TV per day.

Of people who often find material presented on TV "objectionable" 74 percent of those said that they prefer that people exercise their personal choice instead of having the government regulate content.

While some surveys indicate that many Americans are using the ratings systems to make decisions, it is unclear how many are using the V-chip or similar technologies.

"I'm a typical American parent; I understand and use the ratings system when I'm helping my children make their viewing choice, but I sure don't want to compromise my parental responsibility by turning my children's television viewing choices over to the government" said "Joe Pantoliano, actor on the HBO show "The Soprano's" and co-president of The Creative Coalition (founding member of TV Watch.)