Louisiana’s WBRZ Using Bitcentral’s Precis and Oasis Systems

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF.—WBRZ in Baton Rouge, La., has added Bitcentral’s Precis and Oasis systems to assist in its news programming production.

Precis is a production system that brings four channels of playout and MOS workflow integration and efficiency to the newsroom. Precis integrates different technologies to meet production needs for broadcast, online and mobile. Integrated products include Adobe’s Premiere Pro, Bitcentral’s Create, Associated Press’ ENPS and Avid’s iNews.

Oasis, an asset management system, allows WBRZ to automatically archive and share and is adaptable to the network’s needs. With more than 12 million stories shared annually through Oasis, the system allows WBRZ to access, share and move stories over existing bandwidth without traditional linear feeds.

Bitcentral provides news production, distribution and aggregation technologies for news stations and facilities worldwide.