Lost Shipwrecks Found on HD Shoot

Thanks to the enhanced detail of HD, two sunken fishing vessels were recently discovered during a video shoot in the cold waters of the north Pacific near Seattle, according to commercial oceanic exploration firm DeepSea Ventures.

The ships, which appeared to be Japanese and American in origin, were sighted by the research vessel Valero IV during the filming of a TV pilot by DVS, which is based in Spokane, Wash. They were discovered during the second week of September.

DVS said the externally housed underwater camera was a Sony HDV FX1 in Custom Glass port housing, which was designed and built by Nuytco Research Ltd. The internal camera was a Panasonic P2 handheld, and the 3D cameras were a pair of Panasonic P2 cams arranged at right angles with a beam splitter. The company selected to do the 3D Imagery was Lightspeed.

The working title of the pilot, which does not appear to have an airdate or network, yet, is "DeepSeakers." The show will feature attempts by amateur divers to find missing shipwrecks. The discovery of the two fishing vessels was accidental, and was located about 1,000 feet below the surface.

The firm said it will continue to research the two shipwrecks onshore to try to determine their identities and, if successful, to notify families of possible lost crewmembers.