Locast Coming to Puerto Rico

(Image credit: Locast)

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—Locast continues to expand its reach, announcing that it plans to provide its service of streaming local TV channels for free over the internet to Puerto Rican viewers sometime in the coming months.

Puerto Rico communication services have been dealing with difficult circumstances in recent years due to a number of natural disasters that have hit the U.S. territory. Locast founder and chairman David Goodfriend said Locast can assist during these times by delivering local TV to multiple devices over the internet, even if other communication infrastructures are down.

“As long as local TV stations are broadcasting, Locast can become a lifeline to the 78 municipalities in Puerto Rico during emergency response and disaster relief efforts,” Goodfriend said.

No official launch date has been set for Locast in Puerto Rico, but it is expected to become available sometime in 2020.

Locast provides its services to 17 U.S. cities. Puerto Rico would be its first location outside of the continental U.S.

Locast, which recognizes itself as a nonprofit that operates under the Copyright Act of 1976, allowing it to distribute content from local TV stations, is currently in the midst of a lawsuit from major networks ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC challenging its nonprofit status and right to rebroadcast their content.