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LG Plans for Passive 3DTVs in U.K.

LONDON: Korean electronics giant LG is introducing passive-polarization 3DTVs in the U.K. market. The passive technology allows for the use of polarized rather than shutter glasses. Passive polarized glasses are cheaper at retail--around $1.50 versus $150 for the active-shutter variety, or about £1 versus £100 in the U.K.

LG’s new 1080p LD950 3DTV will come with four pairs of polarized glasses. The sets are expected to hit U.K. retail shelves in May. A similar model, the LD920, was used in the 1,000 or so pubs around Great Britain and Ireland for BSkyB’s widespread debut of 3DTV over the weekend. Sky transmitted a soccer game between Manchester United and Chelsea on Saturday. Five more Premier League games will be presented in 3D before the regular season ends May 9. The resulting play-offs will be presented in 3D at the end of the month. Sky says it plans to deliver 3DTV service to homes by this summer.

LG’s 47-inch LD950 has a 200 Hz refresh rate, four HDMI 1.4 connectors, USB 2.0 and will be compatible with 3D Blu-ray players. No pricing has been officially announced for the model, but is reporting £1,500 to £2,500.