LeSEA Productions Denver Depends on Broadcast Pix

LeSEA Productions Denver depends on their production truck, and their new Broadcast Pix Slate 1000, to get the job done.

The company, who provides video services to Denver’s KWHD and Colorado Spring’s KWHS, recently built their new traveling control room around the Slate 1000 production system. The Slate was chosen for its switcher infrastructure, as well as its built-in Inscriber CG, clip and still stores, multi-viewer and ability to use new cameras in the future.

LeSEA currently records Beta SP on Sony BVP-550 cameras, but seeks to upgrade to a tapeless HD workflow when the budget permits.

LeSEA produces several programs including Get the Dirt!, about gardening tips for Rocky Mountain residents, Colorado Sports Trivia and Irv Brown and Heavenly Sent, a program broadcast internationally on the Word Network, which profiles gospel music artists, and is available to 60 million homes in over 200 countries.