Lens manufacturer offers online video tutorial on proper cleaning

FUJIFILM wants news shooters to stop and think for a moment about where they've covered stories recently.

Was it the scene of a fire-engulfed building? Maybe it was street protesters shrouded in tear gas. Or, perhaps it was something a bit more mundane, but every bit as full of dirt and grime, like a campfire of scouts celebrating an anniversary.

Whatever the source, camera operators risk losing valuable shots or footage due to specks of dust or dirt on their lenses. While the urge is strong to wipe the lens surface with a T-shirt, FUJIFILM's Optical Devices Division recently posted a video tutorial on "How to Clean A Lens" on its YouTube channel, Facebook page, and corporate blog.

The 3-minute video, the first installment of a multipart video series on "Lens Care Maintenance," features Thom Calabro, director of marketing and product development for division. Supported by on-screen graphics and illustrations, Calabro describes proper lens cleaning techniques including:

· Using a chemical-free, anti-static microfiber cloth;
· Using an air gun and lens brush to wipe off loose dust;
· Not pouring lens cleaning fluid directly on a lens because it can damage internal mechanisms; and
· Using a gentle, circular wiping motion starting from the center of the lens working outwards.