Leitch debuts new HD transmission server

Leitch has unveiled its VR MTS (MPEG Transport Stream), a new video server solution that supports both HD and SD formats on the VRnet server platform.

The VR MTS solution is based on an ASI module with MPEG-2 transport stream processing and multiplexing capabilities. The server is designed to handle transport streams at data rates up to 100Mb/s, containing MPEG-2 main profile at high level (HD) and MPEG-2 main or 4:2:2 profile at main level (SD).

As a component of VRnet, the MTS server employs the fail-safe features of the VR system, including hardware and software redundancy provided by Leitch’s RAIDsoft. RAIDsoft protects against multiple disk failures and maintains file allocation tables throughout the system, eliminating single points of failure.

The VR MTS is capable of storing both HD and SD material on the same server.

For more information visit www.leitch.com.

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