Leightronix Links with MagicBox Signage and Messaging System

Leightronix now interfaces with the MagicBox digital signage and video messaging system.

The Leightronix TCD/IP network-managed video system controller connects to the MagicBox Aavelin synchronizing signage and messaging system with playback from servers, DVD players and VCRs.

The new interface--part of the Leightronix Plus-Bus series--connects audio and video playback and recording gear to the TCD/IP. Up to 16 Aavelins can be controlled via the Plus-Bus using a single TCD/IP.

The Aavelin Composer software program creates the digital signage and messaging sequences, after which the projects are managed using the WinTCD that comes with the TCD/IP.

Active projects are stored within Aavelin and WinTCD retrieves a directory those projects, so users get a real-time listing of available content.

Corvallis-Ore.-based MagicBox has been manufacturing CGs and video messaging systems since 1992.