LCD Group Publishes HD Buyers Guide

The 68-page paperback also covers plasma and rear projection products and the latest HD-centric technologies.

While the plasma HD crowd may have its own coalition of supporters (see Dozens of Plasma Models Earn ‘Energy Star’ Rating in HD Notebook), backers of LCD have their own support groups as well. This week the LCD TV Association is releasing its “HDTV Buying Guide2008” in order to “help consumers make better buying decisions.”

The group’s chairman, Bruce Berkoff, said the booklet is designed to assist potential HD consumers to understand the various choices and “make the right decision when buying a new HDTV.” (And yes, the guide contains a special section on “Green TVs” in order to explain the importance of energy conservation while consuming large-screen quantities of colorful HD programming.)

While the Beaverton, Ore.-based nonprofit group does not pretend to be neutral when it comes to selecting the right technology for viewing HD, the 68-page paperback also covers plasma and rear projection products, the latest available HD-centric technologies, and other factors to be considered before making such a relatively large purchase.

The LCD group said electronic and/or hard copies can be purchased ($15 plus shipping) on

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