Lawmakers Cheer Home Teams Against Visiting White Space Devices

Two members of Congress have gone to bat for their local baseball teams, urging the FCC to “conduct thorough field testing” of white space devices that could affect wireless mic use.

At stake, said Rep. Robert A. Brady, D-Pa., is future generations’ interest in the game.

“Right now, my district is excited about a budding division race, in which our beloved Phillies are leading the NL East,” Brady wrote in a letter Wednesday to FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin. “Philadelphia Loves its Phils, as it loves all of its sports teams. Nevertheless, I am concerned about the impact the white spaces matter could potentially have on all of our local sports, and on professional sports in general.”

Rep. William Lacy Clay, D-Mo., also took a swing.

“The St. Louis Cardinals are a vital part of the community I represent. ... Broadcast interference and sporting events would diminish fan satisfaction and jeopardize the long-term,” he wrote to Martin.