Latency 'Most Significant Issue' for Video Developers

SAN FRANCISCO—Latency is the most significant issue faced by over half (54%) of video developers, according to Bitmovin’s annual Video Developer Report.

Bitmovin is a provider of video infrastructure for digital media companies and works with companies across the globe to build new video products.

Based on the views of 542 industry professionals in 108 countries, the survey found that 53% expect to achieve live streaming latency of less than 5 seconds, and 30% said their aim was under 1 second.

The report further showed that H.264/AVC is by far the most widely used video codec, used by 91%  of all respondents. Planned usage of AV1 is also set to triple, with 20% expecting to start using it in the coming year.

Meanwhile 24% of video professionals expect to start using AI/ML as part of video workflow solutions before the end of 2019, while 32% plan to do so in 2020.

Bitmovin CEO Stefan Lederer said: “The Bitmovin Video Developer Report is an inside look at the technology adoption plans of companies that are collectively delivering video to huge global audiences. We’re excited to share the results with the community of video developers.

“The findings show a shift toward new breed technologies such as AV1 and artificial intelligence. We’re also seeing the industry continue to face huge issues with latency and ensuring playback on all devices.”

You can download the full report here.