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Las Vegas broadcaster commits to hyperlocal news coverage

KLAS-TV, the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas, will launch a network of hyperlocal neighborhood Web sites covering its market as a way to increase local content offerings and expand advertising opportunities for local businesses.

The sites will provide a new way for KLAS-TV to serve local communities by combining the stations’ content with community reporting and commentary focused on individual neighborhoods. This launch is the latest implementation of DataSphere Technologies’ LocalNet service, which includes an online platform that provides technology, advertising and sales solutions.

The hyperlocal sites are designed to provide local communities with the best source of information about news, events, entertainment and personalities relevant to their daily lives.

The KLAS-TV newsroom will efficiently capture and post community news on a real-time basis to the new sites. Local stories and breaking news that station reporters cover on a daily basis will be complemented with user-generated content as well as generally available information relevant to each community.

The launch of the new sites builds on the launches of more than 160 DataSphere LocalNet sites in markets including Seattle, Providence, RI, Monterey, CA, and Portland, OR. The sites benefit from both DataSphere’s technology and sales capabilities in addition to the broadcast TV content and process knowledge provided by its strategic partner Fisher Communications.