Laird Records DV for Technical Services

Technical Services, a Lakeside, Calif.-based systems integrator, has installed the capdiv Direct DV Recorder from Laird Telemedia in a system that lets operators live-switch digital video from multiple cameras for capture in an edit-ready format and to mark video while recording via wireless remote control.

The remote record and marking system gives producers/directors a wireless control capable of marking specific spots within the video as it is being captured. Users can set the system to record and mark specific cuts and locations while moving around the set. During editing, the cue marks are located in the timelines so users can use the capdiv for their recording.

The capdiv Direct DV Recorder is a tapeless, disk-based capture and playback deck designed to shorten the DV capture process and to make video clips accessible to NLE systems for post production. capdiv records edit-ready clips directly to its integrated hard drive from any DV camcorder as footage is being shot. It can then serve as a hard disk drive or transfer captured media at four times faster than real time via FireWire.