KXII Taps Harmonic to Broadcast Multiple HD/SD Streams

KXII, a Gray-owned station in Sherman, Texas, is using DiviCom encoders from Harmonic Inc. to simultaneously transmit two HD and one SD program streams within a single channel, a first for the industry, according to Harmonic.

The station, which serves viewers in both Texas and Oklahoma, is transmitting a CBS 1080i stream, a Fox 720p signal, and MyNetwork at 480i, SD.

"As we were planning our digital upgrade, the ability to support multiple HD channels within a single ATSC stream was an absolute necessity," said Rick Dean, KXII vice president and general manager. "This breakthrough implementation of two HD services plus one SD channel in 19.4 Mbps dramatically enhances our business proposition and revenue opportunities as consumer demand for HD continues to grow."

KXII is using Harmonic's MV 500 MPEG-2 encoders for the high definition services and the model MV 100 encoder for standard definition.