KUTV Simplifies EAS with Digital Alert Systems

Salt Lake City’s KUTV is operating an emergency alert monitoring system from Digital Alert Systems (DAS), the company announced.

The DASDEC monitoring system was recently acquired along with DASDEC Intelligent Remotes (DASDEC-IR) installed at each station within their centralcasting model, allowing for centralized management of regional alerts for eight channels, in compliance with FCC requirements. Stations include WTCN, WTVX, and WWHB in West Palm Beach, Fla., WLWC in Providence, R.I. and KMYU in St. George, Utah.

DAS’ MultiStation software enables KUTV staff to filter, forward and schedule appropriate alerts to air on each channel at the right time, without disrupting critical programming. Each DASDEC-IR is a fully-functional EAS encoder/decoder and, in the instance of host system problems, can process alerts independently.

"DASDEC and DASDEC-IR units make our emergency alert management easier than ever," said Scott Nielson, assistant director of engineering for KUTV. "We no longer need to manage encoder/decoders at each station; our main DASDEC acts as a host for all of our channels. And yet, because each DASDEC-IR is a fully functional decoder, we know that emergency alerts will continue to be processed correctly even in the unlikely event that the connection between the remote unit and host system is lost or broken."

DAS was formed in 2003 and produces common alert protocol (CAP) and emergency alert systems (EAS).