KTech Launches DTV Translator Testing Program for Rural Areas

KTech Telecom has created the DTV Translator Testing Program for U.S. broadcasters needing DTV translator testing and field trial needs. The program, which runs March 15 to Sept. 15, targets the need for DTV signals to reach rural America.

KTech will choose the first 10 customers, who will receive DTV translators at 50 watts average PA output power, housed in a 72-inch rack with an 8-VSB receiver, 8-VSB exciter, power amplifier, lightening protector, remote monitoring, power meter and DTV mask filter.

Using an 8-VSB terrestrial signal as its source, DTV translator extends coverage of DTV by remodulating the signal to a different channel while updating PSIP information. The original signal is received by KTech's RF signal receiver and remodulated to a new IF channel using the internal modulator. The upconverted RF output is then amplified and goes through the DTV mask filter before the signal is sent to the antenna.

KTech's Sales Director, Romeo Castillo, thinks the program further encourages DTV broadcasters to repeat their signals to cover a wide area of potential customers. Castillo noted that the need for translators in the U.S. is mostly in the hilly terrain areas of the states. The program requires a signed agreement for testing and evaluation for up to 12 months and, at the end, customers can return the equipment or purchase it at a reduced price.