Ktech announces DTV translator testing program

Ten customers will receive DTV translators at 50 watts average PA output power. The Ktech testing program is subject to availability of the equipment and assignment of STAs by the FCC to the test stations. The FCC has no rules currently allowing DTV translators.

The DTV translator for these tests will be housed in a 72" rack with an 8-VSB receiver, an 8-VSB exciter, a power amplifier (50W DTV average), lightening protector, remote monitoring, power meter and a DTV mask filter. Deliveries are planned towards the end of April. The testing could take up to one year. The test signifies the need for DTV signals to reach rural America as DTVs start to replace NTSC ones.

Using the stations' main 8-VSB terrestrial DTV signal as its source, the DTV translator extends coverage by demodulating the received, updating PSIP information (Virtual Channel Table’s (VCT) Station ID, Major and Minor Channel Numbers) and then remodulating the signal onto a different channel. The converted RF output is then amplified and then goes through the DTV mask filter before the signal is sent to the antenna.

Ktech specializes in 8-VSB demodulators, MPEG-2 processing and 8-VSB modulators. Ktech installs 100W, 250W and 500W low-power transmitters across the country.

For more information visit www.ktech.com/index.cfm.

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