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KTBS Launches DTV With Dielectric

Dielectric was recently tapped by Shreveport, La. ABC affiliate KTBS to supply a new antenna, transmission line and modify its tower to launch a cost-effective DTV broadcast transmission facility.

Dielectric developed a unique solution for KTBS that allows the station to share its tower with partner station KPXJ, a UPN affiliate. The system included the use of a combiner and splitter that allows the stations to share a single 8-inch transmission line, thus minimizing tower modification requirements.

During the project, KPXJ replaced its former analog antenna with a Dielectric digital UHF antenna. The antenna was side-mounted to the much taller KTBS tower, elevating the KPXJ antenna from a height of 450 feet to 1,600 feet, greatly increasing KPXJ's coverage area.