KSNW Automates With Crispin

Wichita, Kan. NBC affiliate KSNW has installed a Crispin System 2000 to control four on-air playback channels: KSNW, KSNC, KSNG and KSNK. KSNW, which is owned by Montecito Broadcast Group, is the flagship station of the Kansas State Network, the state's chain of NBC affiliates.

The system includes Supervisory View, which can be used by master control or the traffic department to help minimize operational impact. It enables users to see, from a single screen, multiple play-to-air channel status including visual notification of messages, warnings and operator intervention requests.

The KSNW solution includes multiple levels of redundancy including hot-swap dual RAID system drives, dual power supply workstations and a cold spare backup. The system also includes one Dubber workstation. Dubber provides the tools needed to speed and simplify the acquisition and preparation of material for fully automated on-air playback.

Mapper, Crispin's traffic interface, converts KSNW's daily Wide Orbit traffic schedule into an automated playlist, ready for on-air playback by RapidPlayX. Crispin's RapidPlayX application allows operators to create and load playlists, edit events and monitor event status.