KRON-TV Fined $27,500 For Indecency

As Congress sharpens its focus on broadcast indecency rules, the FCC has proposed a fine of $27,500 for San Francisco's KRON-TV for an apparent violation of those rules.

The fine was imposed over an Oct. 4, 2002 incident, when the station aired "Puppetry of the Penis," with performers who appeared in capes, but were otherwise naked. Apparently one of the performers exposed his penis on camera.

FCC Chairman Michael Powell said the fine demonstrated that the agency has increased its efforts to curb broadcast indecency. Commissioner Kevin Martin said the case served to remind people that broadcast indecency doesn't only occur on radio, while Commissioner Michael Copps said that letting the case languish for more than a year shows the agency is not serious about enforcing the broadcast indecency rules.