KREN-TV accelerates HD news workflow

KREN-TV, the Reno, NV, affiliate of The CW television network, has set up a “farm” of Rhozet Carbon Coder transcoders in its new tapeless production facility to accelerate workflow needed to produce its daily live HD newscasts.

The carbon coders are being used to automate the transcoding process for the station’s team of news editors, online editors and producers. Video is transferred from Grass Valley Edius editing stations, stored on an Omneon MediaGrid active storage system and then automatically transcoded by the Rhozet Carbon Coders for on-air HD playout on an Omneon Spectrum playout server. The same transcoding system also provides transcoding for KREN’s Web video needs.

The new 8500sq ft all-digital facility also houses KAZR-TV, an affiliate of Azteca America that will use the Rhozet Carbon Coder for its one-hour HD newscast. This will be the first HD newscast produced in the United States for the Spanish-language network.

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