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KQED buys Sony HD production package

The KQED order includes six Sony HD cameras--three HDC-1000 (pictured) and three HDC-1500 models.

KQED Public Broadcasting in San Francisco has become the first station to agree to purchase high-definition production equipment under the PBS/Sony High Definition Production Pilot, a cooperative program by Sony and PBS to cultivate high-definition television production by public television stations.

Through the initiative, KQED will replace its standard-definition television production equipment with Sony high-definition cameras, switchers and video recording equipment. KQED will use the gear for the creation of local, regional and national HD programming from its studios in San Francisco.

The PBS/Sony High Definition Production Pilot allows a representative cross-section of public television stations to acquire Sony’s HD production equipment, with support from Sony, to ease the incorporation of HD equipment into the stations’ production workflow. These pilot stations, in turn, share what they learn with the public television system and serve as model stations for other PBS stations considering an upgrade to HD production.

The KQED order includes six Sony HD cameras, including three HDC-1000 and three HDC-1500 models, as well as Sony’s MVS-8000A HD production switcher.

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