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KPDX and KPTV combine master control with PESA routers

Oregon-based KPTV and KPDX, owned by Meredith Broadcasting, have upgraded their combined routing systems from PESA Switching Systems to accommodate consolidated master control operations. The equipment, originally installed for KPDX during a studio build in 2000, has been expanded to facilitate production and playout for both stations, after Meredith purchased KPTV in 2002.

In 2000, KPDX installed a PESA Tiger 144x144 frame and populated the frame to 112x96 with both analog and digital cards. The facility also installed a separate 24x16 analog router and various other dubbing routers.

In August 2004, the station built out the Tiger frame to its full capacity, making it a completely digital 144x144 system. It also replaced the 24x16 analog router with a PESA Jaguar 64x64 and tied the two routers together. The Tiger and Jaguar, along with a PESA RS422 port switcher and a new Ocelot-HD 8x8 high-definition router, now form the core of the facility’s signal distribution infrastructure.

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