KOIN Taps Apantac for Multiviewers

As part of its launch to HD news last summer, CBS affiliate KOIN in Portland, Ore., installed several TAHOMA Multiviewers for its Master Control and Newsroom multi-image display processing and monitoring.

In the HD newsroom, the TAHOMA-LX Series of Multiviewers display 64 HD input images over three large LCD displays. The two TAHOMA-LX32HD Multiviewers tightly integrate with a Grass Valley Ignite integrated production system providing KOIN with a complete news production and monitoring workflow. All UMD and Tally information is provided to the TAHOMA Multiviewers using a serial or LAN protocol. One of the three high resolution Multiviewer outputs is split and fed into the Technical Operations Center using an Apantac MT HOOD DVI Extender with local monitor output (DVI-1-EM).

The TAHOMA-LX Multiviewers include a built-in 32x32 routing switcher, and with dynamic assignment or by simply recalling presets, KOIN users can quickly assign inputs to different displays, or display inputs more than once. This integrated Multiviewer and Routing Switcher architecture provides advanced flexibility for visually monitoring signals, and simplifies installation, maintenance, and cabling.

In its HD Master Control room, KOIN installed three TAHOMA-LI-16HD Multiviewers, each of which accepts 16 high definition inputs for display across three large LCD displays. The TAHOMA-LI Multiviewers provide active and passive input looping capabilities. Live camera sources or transmission sources are fed into a Utah Scientific routing switcher, which assigns the sources to the displays and both integrate with a Florical automation system. The TAHOMA Multiviewers provide a central and automated monitoring solution, which includes on-screen indicators for UMD / tally status, and source labels.