KNPB-TV gets automated with Crispin

System integrator Digital System Technology (DST) has installed Crispin's System 2000 broadcast automation system for the digital upgrade of public television station KNPB, in Reno, Nev.

As the first station in the Reno market to convert to digital, the station is also now on-the-air 24/7 with a HDTV signal, using Crispin's automation systems for control of the station's on-air playback, and the automatic recording of incoming feeds.

The Crispin System installed by DST consists of three separate rack-mounted workstations, communicating via a local area network at the station.

Crispin's RapidPlayX 2000, the front end for Crispin's scalable full automation on-air playback solution, will handle all on-air playback control. RapidPlayX 2000 delivers control of automated playback for commercial, programming, and news playback environments. The unit can control a single channel to up to 16 channels simultaneously, enabling KNPB to expand their channel playout capacity in the future.

Crispin's DeviceServer, will provide real-time control of the Omneon Video Networks server at KNPB. The DeviceServer is designed around a standard "device template." Each device has a unique DLL, which contains all the control information for that device.

The KNPB Dub station will use Crispin's Dubber 2000 and RecordScheduler for media ingest into the Omneon Video servers and the automatic recording of commercial and programming materials.

DubberAssist will be used to create automatic dub and kill lists in RapidPlayX for content management on the video server.

Crispin's AsRun module will provide fully automated reconciliation, enabling "as run" logs of all programming and underwriter spots to be automatically reconciled against the original schedule, significantly decreasing manual operations. Secondary events can be accessed directly from the ProTrack interface. This allows traffic coordinators to enable the automation system to handle voice-overs, squeeze-backs, bug insertions, branding, and auto-tags within the traffic log.

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