King World Goes for Pro-Bel Gear

King World Productions has purchased and installed a range of Pro-Bel equipment as part of its digital upgrade to the newsmagazine "Inside Edition" West Coast Bureau.

King World and Skylite Media tore down the existing facility and installed a new machine room, that was built off-site and integrated a new editing system where a new Pro-Bel hybrid router would reside.

"We wanted to switch over to a nonlinear editing environment and therefore we needed a technology that would allow us to seamlessly switch between analog and digital," said Jorge Martin, production manager for Inside Edition.

The gear includes the Pro-Bel Sirius 7 RU frame--configured with 24 x 16 digital video layer and 16 x 16 analog layer and a 24 x 24 audio layer and a Pro-Bel Freeway RS-422 machine control system. The new routing system has four control panels.

King World distributes "The Oprah Winfrey Show," "Dr. Phil" and "Jeopardy."