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KEET-TV brands on-air channel automatically with Pixel Power

Looking to free up resources by automating repetitive operations, KEET-TV, a public television station in Eureka, CA, has installed a LogoVision branding graphics system from Pixel Power to deliver station lineups and other promotional graphics in the 1080i HD format. The station is using LogoVision for a number of on-air elements, including lower-third graphics for live and virtual pledge shows.

Eli Moulton, IT coordinator at KEET-TV, said that in addition to its efficiency and affordability, the LogoVision platform does a good job of reading data fields from external sources and then populating templates. The station builds numerous graphics every day, and the LogoVision has enabled it to automate these processes.

Pete Challinger, Pixel Power CEO, said that using LogoVision to apply basic automation to branding graphics has the potential for huge savings in just man-hours alone. LogoVision is ideal for solving specific challenges like those at KEET-TV or as the hub of a complete, fully automated channel branding solution.

The system can be used to create multilayer static and animated logos, clocks, text crawls, multiple tickers, DVE moves (such as squeezebacks) and other graphics elements. Sophisticated audio capability includes multichannel sound with group mix, shuffling, automated duck and internal clip capabilities. A Clips configuration adds two HD video clip players, each with video and key streams, as well as 2D DVE to deliver animated backgrounds, snipes, bumpers or complete promo playback. A 3D configuration includes Clips plus real-time 3D and multichannel 3D DVE capabilities within a compact 3 RU chassis.